grow your knowledge

Graft is a personal knowledge graph that acts like an extension of your working memory. Explore the meaningful connections between your knowledge and unlock new insights.

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what is Graft?

If there is one glaring weakness of our brains, it’s our working memory. We can store a limited amount of context for a short period of time. Enter Graft. Graft acts like an extension of your working memory, capable of holding all of your context for as long as you need it. Graft allows you to explore the meaningful relationships between your knowledge and discover new connections. Grow your knowledge with Graft.

how it works

create a project

Create a project to group related notes and links together. Focus your knowledge graph on specific topics.

take some notes

Take some notes to document your knowledge. Notes are individual pieces of information in your knowledge graph.

connect related ideas

Any two notes can be linked to highlight related ideas. Provide additional context by describing their relationship.

unlock new insights

Visualize your knowledge graph. Explore the relationships between notes and unlock new insights.